Oh the chutzpah!

I have been a bit too distracted with other things lately to have made much progress in my bold quest to make ever more sense of what’s going on, but I noticed that Nathan’s Economic Edge has Damon Vrabel’s decent expose of one of Wall Street’s pathocratic figures: Jamie Dimon. Some commentary on JP Morgan Chase CEO’s recent address at Syracuse University follows:

Snippet #1: “Many of the lessons I’ve learned I’ve learned by making mistakes. It takes courage to be accountable. Throughout my life, throughout this crisis in the past three years, I’ve seen many people embarrass themselves by failing to stand up, being mealy-mouthed and acting like lemmings by simply going along with the pack.”

Jamie, by implying you are uniquely courageous and others are weak in such a huge public setting, it’s clear you’re not a true leader, but just an arrogant salesman. More importantly, your 2nd sentence is the best example I have ever seen of what psychologists call projection, a vicious trait of narcissism. You say others have failed to stand up, are mealy-mouthed, and act like lemmings by going along with the pack. Wow. I can think of no better description of many on Wall Street.

I guess I need to remind you that Wall Street is a cartel, a pack, created by the Federal Reserve System that lives as a parasite on the backs of 308,000,000 Americans. So your absurd wealth comes from having monopoly usury license to put all of us in debt and then live off our wages that get sucked up to the cartel. Wall Street is full of lemmings, most of whom don’t really understand the truth of the usury system that steals from the American people. But as an insider in the CFR and on the NY Fed, a completely anti-competitive unconstitutional cartel, my guess is that you do understand the truth. Yet you go along with the pack–you’re just a highly paid lemming no matter how hard you try to convince yourself you’re tough and independent.

Snippet #2: “Have the fortitude to do the right thing, not the easy thing. Don’t be somebody’s lapdog or sycophant.”

What fortitude do you have besides doing whatever the controllers behind JP Morgan Chase want you to do, i.e. being a lapdog and sycophant? Your firm has built up the most irresponsible derivatives position in the country. Your firm has helped make countries, states, and towns insolvent. Your firm likely manipulates markets as a cartel insider. Your firm jacks up credit card rates on the poor and kicks them out of their homes. You played a role in racketeering and extortion to control the government’s response to the crash of 2008. You call this doing “the right thing?” Mad delusion.

The people behind your firm used their leverage over the US government to ensure JP Morgan emerged from the crash with new levels of concentrated power over the economy, especially in the unconscionable WAMU takeover, yet you took credit for it as if it was all just a result of you being a good CEO. You know JPM’s new lofted status has nothing to do with you but everything to do with those behind the scenes. You’re just a smooth-tongued front man, a sycophant of the CFR crowd, and you provide them cover as the main salesman for one of their key firms. This is not “doing the right thing.”

Right on! If Dimon had any real dignity and conscience he’d be working on things like monetary reform to abolish debt based fiat currencies controlled by private interests which are the real cause behind all diversions plaguing global economy and robbing ordinary people blind. But of course that won’t be happening as he’s just a highly paid lemming himself.

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