Young Stalin and fooled women

Now, this is a somewhat interesting article on Stalin. I’d say it can be useful to know more about what kind of people your enemies are, so read it.
Though I have to criticize one part of it:

“As Stalin’s biographer, I had heard the story(aboutStalinhavingfuckeda13-yearoldgirl – Kuromaku) but it seemed so outrageous as to be incredible: like most historians, I simply believed that it was mere propaganda.”

Excuse me? In what universe it is truly outrageous that men do what they have been doing throughout mostof recorded(andespeciallyunrecorded) history with consenting girls in many societies? I would hardly expect historians to be so clueless (though of course current times are crazy as I’ve noted before). Moreover, Stalin isn’t exactly known for his conventional morals and to be honest I think it’s quite insane to think that a thing like that would be a big deal considering his more serious crimes (you know, those millions he is very much responsible for murdering and even that smaller scale thuggery he committed when younger as noted in the article). In and of itself, the fact that some man fucks a teenage girl (consensually) should hardly be anything compared to murdering innocents.

And then there’s more:
“In 1916, the Georgian lodger impregnated Lidia for the second time, and then typically made himself scarce. He escaped for the whole summer of 1916: where had he gone?Most likely, his disappearance was connected with the pregnancy: locals claim he was devising a way to avoid marrying his pregnant mistress.During my research, I discovered Stalin already had form as a prolific lover and that he had often promised marriage, only to renege at the last minute.
Even in these years of penniless obscurity, he was never without at least one girlfriend – and often more.”

Women are regarded as choosy but let’s face it: they aren’t usually smart enough to detect a psycho like Stalin (I’m quite sureconsideringhisreportedactions that he never cared much for those women, he just used them, and it seems they were usually quite fooled before he dumped them). Yes, some sweet talking combined withsomewhat attractive looks is all it takes to fool most womennomatterhowemptythosesweet wordsmightbe (and when you start seriously talking to women they are often turned off since honest and intelligent ideas often contradict their delusional worldviews too much).Andthusevilseedsstart growing in their wombs (psychopathologicaltraits are quite highly heritable according to my knowledge).Though of course many women are also evilthemselves, as they don’t even try to avoid making babies with men they should very well know to be evil, as long as they have something women want, no matter how much other good people will be hurt because they let evil spread.

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