You think things are bad? Wait a little longer…

Things are really heating up around here in Turkey. And I’m becoming ever more convinced the end is nigh. It’s not enough the plummeting value of the euro in combination with the plans for further integration of the Eurozone are giving more credibility to my worst fears of coming Europe-wide economic collapse and descend into total serfdom as I just saw two white tourist girls proudly hanging out with their negro boyfriends — a sight that has been thankfully rare until this year. And to top it all up one Danish family owning a holiday apartment next to my place came to town sporting not one but two adopted little niggers. I wouldn’t necessarily think this would be a disaster for the Nordic race if these blond parents weren’t, at least telling from their outside appearance, part of the better half of the Danish stock. Certainly that was not enough to save them from falling victims to multiracial madness though.

I hate to say it but things will very likely get rather ugly. I can only hope the few good whites will find strength within them to put up a good fight for the revival of the Western civilization before the frog finds itself boiled and all is lost. Just remember to be as wise as serpents or else you end up fighting on the wrong side no matter how good your intentions might be.

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