The storm is coming

I’m sure some could accuse me of intellectual vanity or some such thing, but I want to be on the record for predicting, and warning about, the Big Thing before it happens. I of course might regret these predictions in a year or two, but as I read about China’s impending crash according to “experts” like Faber and Quinn, due to malinvestment and such, along with the obvious troubles faced by the eurozone, it has definitely dawned on me that maybe the most likely economic scenario is that of a unified, or sequential, crash of all the major economic zones of the world: the US, Europe and China (no doubt followed by total crashes in places like Dubai). And it seems to me the mainstream media has been trying to distract people from maybe the biggest crash of them all, that of the Jewnited States of America. I certainly have a hard time understanding how they could keep the problems under a rug for another year let alone two years.

Mark my words, if the Unified Crash cometh, it comes because the international schemers want to create their Jew World Order out of the chaos that follows. And remember, I was able to predict it because I spent some time studying their scheme dating back to ancient times (and if it won’t happen in any catastrophic extent, you definitely have a good reason to question my warnings in the future).

Right now it seems the powder keg could ignite at the moment Spain suddenly finds out it needs a €300+ billion bailout but certainly there are many other possibilities…

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