The plot thickens…

Death seems to like those who are not friends of the current world order. The most recent case that I’m aware of is apparently that of Curt Maynard who according to news report shot himself with a rifle while driving a car during an escapade after allegedly gunning down his ex-wife.

I can’t help but to agree with Robert Reis and his comment on MR:

I did not realize that a previous poster had brought attention to the death of Curt Maynard.

I do not believe it is prudent to grant too much credence to news stories in America.

Curt wrote many things which were true and important, other things which were dubious, and some things which were tasteless.

One article mentions that he shot himself with a rifle while driving his car. This is very hard to do.

I suggest the violent deaths of Terreblanch, Richard Barnett, and Curt are worrisome.

And one could certainly count among the worrisome things the disappearance of J Richards and the deaths of even those Polish dignitaries who however mostly played along with the power elite (not that it was enough to save them as I have warned my gentile readers).

Anyway, I may be psychic but I think I’m noticing a pattern with these recent events: the conspirators seem to be deliberately adding to their stories in the media details which arouse suspicion in anyone who has some independent thinking skills left. This may even be an old habit as the same method was apparently used also in the creation of the New Testament.

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