A sick choice getting sicker

From the NY Times article “Genetic Testing + Abortion = ???”:

“Abortion rights supporters — who believe that a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body — have had to grapple with the reality that the right to choose may well be used selectively to abort fetuses deemed genetically undesirable. And many are finding that, while they support a woman’s right to have an abortion if she does not want to have a baby, they are less comfortable when abortion is used by women who don’t want to have a particular baby.”

On the other hand, I am definitely less comfortable with having an abortion for no particular reason (after the woman irresponsibly got pregnant without wanting a baby) than having an abortion because the child would be seriously sick (or deformed or..) and would probably suffer because of it. Still, I do think that other people have the right to choose like that even though I think it can be quite sick. Only if after they choose to have a sick baby they start asking for socialized medicine or other public support for that baby their choice becomes really sick. And that’s exactly what many of them do. First they choose, and then people like me are supposed to pay for their choice. Now, that’s sick.

“Mr. Imparato said he was disturbed to learn recently that in several states with legislative efforts to restrict abortion rights, groups like Planned Parenthood often lobby for an exemption for women who learn their child would have a disability.But he said that the person who alerted him was a Planned Parenthood lobbyist who was herself troubled by the tactic because it seemed to run counter to the progressive political agenda that supports both choice and tolerance of human difference.”

But then again, that supposed tolerance isn’t for some reason meant for people who’d like to choose to have a baby that has probably a brighter future than a genetically deficient one. Yeah, that’s “liberal” tolerance for you.

At last, some good news:
“Still, social policy may be unable to sway a seemingly strong personal preference for avoiding children with perceived genetic defects. About 90 percent of women who learn they are carrying a fetus with the extra 21st chromosome that causes Down syndrome choose an abortion. Studies have shown that many women choose to abort for diagnoses of less serious conditions.”

At least there are some women who can think and are responsible as they want to give their children better chances.Choosingtohaveasickbabyalwaysmeansyoucan’thavea
instead of it. They who choose the sick baby choose a sick world.Canitreallybe anysimpler? Anyway, it really seems more genetic testing would be good for society as long as abortion is legal (of course as long as it isn’t too expensive).

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