Rejecting Mme Royal

Today is the day the Frenchpeople will hopefully dump her. I can only say thatthe more I have heard about what she has been saying the less I think of her. Themere fact that she’s the socialist candidate speaks volumes of her(enoughtoopposeher in itself). But still more importantly: how can anyone think she is has the brain capable of wielding presidential powers when she as a woman supports all those wicked policies that would help turn France into a muslim dominated country? Appeasing muslims hardly seems like a smart move for any woman (at least as long as she doesn’t have to fear that muslims murder her otherwise).

See for example this comparison of Mein Kampf and the Qu’ran (note all those many similarities):

“Mein Kampf-Mandates that men are superior to women and that women’s place should be limited to procreation, the kitchen and the home. The Q’uran-Mandates that men are superior to women and that women’s place should be limited to procreation, the kitchen and the home. (Admittedly, the Q’uran goes quite a bit farther than Mein Kampf on this topic)”

The fact that she as a woman wants to be a president indicates that she doesn’t want women to be subjugated (at least all of them), but her policies would pretty much ensure they will be, as she hardly opposes muslims (and other primitive minorities) as hard as she should.

Moreover, she also indicated her detachment from reality by reportedly guessing in that last TV debate that France’s nuclear plants produce less than 20% of the total electricity supply (while the real number is something like 78% and France is quite well known for that fact). I guess many women are like that, they don’t think that in a society that is totally dependent on electricity, it is important to have some clue about basic details like that, and that the president probably should have certain idea what’s keeping the country running, but no, women don’t usually care.

Again, I have to say that I think this is another indication that women really are at least a little bit inferior to men on average and one reason muslims have been gaining more power is that in that one respect their worldview is a little bit closer to reality than that of many contemporary westerners. After all, I don’t think they would have even those little successes if they didn’t have something right (at least comparatively speaking.. not absolutely right in any optimal way).

Though I definitely do not agree with muslims on restricting what women could do as much as the Qu’ran dictates, I do think women should not be given any more power than their capabilities would give them naturally and that in current western societies, men have given them on average too much power for their own and my good (read for example about the requirement to have women board members in Norway and weep). It’s about time to correct that mistake and strip women of their excess powers.

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