Behind the scenes committees rule…

As a person who is driven towards “judicious study of discernible reality” with the limited resources I have, in order to more effectively affect the world around me to change in the way I deem good, I’m of course happy to be able to learn from people I think have been rather exemplary in that respect before me. And few others have made more sense to me than Revilo Oliver. Keeping this in mind I was certainly illuminated a little reading Dr. Oliver’s summary of his “difficult, delicate and prolonged investigation” into what was really behind what was once to outside appearance maybe the most influential movement to counter the Commie Conspiracy, namely the John Birch Society, then nominally lead by Robert Welch Jr., who was, according to Oliver’s painful discovery, actually operating under the supervision of a committee of jews who also controlled the flow of extra funding needed by the society. Naturally the committee also made sure the society would not achieve any significant progress that could endanger the very real conspiracy. Instead the patriotic citizens ended up wasting much of their time due to subtle sabotage by their superiors in the society and we of course see the results now as America is quickly descending into a socialist serfdom.

Anyway, although I still have too little personal experience of such matters, it seems to me that’s a rather common way of running things in the real world. They have a committee of rabbis or other learned jews who make the decisions for their gentile front-men. Specifically, I’d think it is more than little likely that for example Alex Jones has a bunch of jews preparing content for him contrary to his often repeated claim that “he is running a very small operation there“. Well, I guess if he has for example just three jews behind him it could be considered a rather small operation by jewish standards. And this is assuming he isn’t a crypto-jew himself.

I also think there are rather good reasons to think the BNP is controlled by jews like the Birch Society was as well.

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