Those neat little tools of social progress…

If you want to live while continuing to work against the organized manifestation of evil on earth it might be a good idea to take into consideration the following little bit of knowledge learned in the golden 60’s from Karl Anders’ book Mord auf Befehl (Tubingen, 1963) as described by Revilo Oliver in America’s Decline:

The most important part of the book describes in some detail the technique by which the Communist Conspiracy has undoubtedly carried out many assassinations that everyone believes to have been natural death. The Scientific Research Institute in Moscow has devised and manufactures a small, spring-actuated weapon, about twenty centimeters (7.87 inches) long and easily concealed in a newspaper or any one of a dozen other seemingly innocuous things that any man may carry openly, that almost soundlessly discharges a stream of cyanide gas in the face of the victim, whom the assassin need only pass in a hallway or on the street without abating his own stride. The gas, entering the nostrils, immediately contracts the blood-vessels, and the victim drops dead of “heart failure.” The gas is invisible; the slight congestion that it produces fades very quickly: and the contracted blood-vessels will have relaxed to their normal size by the time that the body is carried to a hospital for an autopsy. A perfect crime.

Some estimate that the Communist Conspiracy has probably caused in this way the “natural deaths” of some one hundred and fifty anti-Communist leaders in Europe and South America. We may be morally certain that the Bolsheviks have also used this technique to carry out murders in the United States, and local police everywhere should familiarize themselves with the technique, so that they will have some chance of recognizing or suspecting it when it is used.

Nowadays, my humble opinion is you can’t in general trust the local police forces either so you’d better watch out.

Anyway, I think the best way to determine if methods like that (also for example cancer inducing stuff) are still used would be to do a statistical analysis of all the “natural deaths” of prominent opponents of the establishment’s agenda and see if they differ notably from a control group of mainstream establishment figures. No doubt such analysis would be a little complicated due to the fact that at least some if not most of the more prominent figures are actually working for the establishment as controlled opposition as was advocated already in the Protocols. Thus some uncertainty would surely remain even after such analysis though obviously the better the analyst identifies the honest opponents the more accurate the results would be.

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