Multiculturalist persecution in action

They don’t want the truth be known, instead they start harassing people who dare say aloud what they see happening when it contradicts multiculturalists’ deluded worldview. And they can use the police to do it for them which is a sad indication of how bad the situation is in many countries.

That’s happening in the country I left behind me because I didn’t particularly like what was happening there as the whole system was organized against people like me. No big surprise that something like this is happening now. I’ve actually met Mikko(the blogger now under persecution) afewtimes; I know he’s one of the few saner voices in Finland and I had also been wondering when they start harassing him because he exposes multiculturalist lies quite admirably (also hehabitually calls Finland’s only major newspaper Pravda because it uses tricks which were quite common in Soviet Union while reporting world events related to among other things crimes-done-by-muslims.. no doubt that has contributed to his unpopularity among the establishment).

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