The man who decided to take no more shit

I’m talking about Andrew Joseph Stack, a man who apparently had realized how sick and unjust the American system is after pounding his head against it for years, and had the will to return a little bit of that injustice to those who perpetuate the beastly monster in one IRS office in Austin Texas by crashing a small plane into it.

For the convenience of my readers, here are his final words to the world in six image files (source):

At this time I’m willing to take them as authentic, and they seem to be mostly sensible even though at times the writings are a little incoherent and seem to be missing some relevant information.

Disclaimer: I’m not advocating suicide missions, though I certainly understand why a thinking person might get desperate enough to do such things in these insane times.

Still, there are some things that suggest the event may have been another false flag operation such as the extent of damage to the building from such a small plane’s impact:

Compared with another crash one would think the IRS building had absolutely no automatic fire extinguishers:

Of course all the authorities seem to have been waiting for an event just like this as well…

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