The “wonderful” enterprise

During the past two years I have learned, as my writings should indicate, that the world is basically run by a very shadowy group of people who use “make-believe” as one of their major tools of mass-control. We are basically living under what some call a “cryptocracy“: the rule by unelected people who not only keep the masses unaware of the real situation through information control and so on but also use all the tools known to man to control our visible rulers to do their bidding. And there’s one side to this situation that hasn’t been highlighted by other people as far as I know but which in part explains how a situation like this could arise. Namely, the organization that rules over us is basically a private enterprise. And as such it doesn’t suffer from all the inefficiencies that plague public organizations like governments which have now long been under its control. It doesn’t suffer from shortsightedness to the extent of democracies as its leaders don’t have to worry about how things will look like in the next few years in order to get re-elected.

It only suffers from the fact that it is composed of psychopaths who are the natural masters of “make-believe”. As does the rest of humanity since the interests of those without conscience are very clearly in conflict with those with consciences.

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