Let your preferences be known

Since there are some reasonably intelligent opponents of death penalty, who based on their (of course quite wicked) values, think capital punishment is always wrong, contrary to my own values and reasoning, I have wondered if it could be a good policy, if people would have a right to choose, when they are alive, how they would want in the case they were murdered their murderers punished.Humanisttypescouldlettheirpotentialmurderersknowthat
executed(there’snootherfairpunishment for murder and fairness should be central to any justice system in my opinion).And these expressed preferences would be taken into account and given some serious weight while making judgements (though possibly they should not be the final word since those who fund the justice system should have their say too). Policieslikethiswoulddefinitelyleadtoamorepluralistsociety
whichcouldbegoodforexperimenting with and finding out which policies aregoodforcivilizationandwhicharenot.

Also, this method could be generalized and used with other crimes too. Anyway, I think it would be for the better if people would have more say in these matters.Andthevaluesofthosepeoplewhoarewrongedshouldmatter
more(or at least given special consideration) thanthevaluesofotherpeople.

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