Young jewesses — a bloodthirsty species

Maybe two or three years ago I would have been shocked to discover that the authentic response from a teenage Israeli girl to the carefully administered holohoax propaganda in Auschwitz would be the arousal of a desire to kill all the Nazis as is the case in Yoav Shamir’s documentary Defamation. Notably she made it clear after being reminded that all the original Nazis are basically already dead (a lot of them probably died in the “Swedish Jew” Eisenhower’s death camps right after the war but for some reason I doubt they told the young jewesses about it) that their descendants (and perhaps even all the other Germans as their ‘heirs’) still remain to be killed as a proper punishment. But after discovering more than little of the truth about the great racial and cultural separation between whites and jews that has been hidden from the masses I can’t say I couldn’t expect such vicious genocidal rage coming from what I would otherwise think would be a rather innocent looking girl.

Yeah, I guess I have learned enough about jews that I could and did anticipate that a young jewess wouldn’t be spouting aloud anything that would resemble the shit many gentiles are taught as soon as they learn to understand language: namely, that they should love their enemies (as the fictional jewish messiah taught in the New Testament crafted by a bunch of “Roman” conspirators).

Still, I have to say I think it would be a good thing if the average white woman’s response to discovering the truth would be closer to the response provoked out of the young jewess rather than the desire to forgive and rehabilitate their enemies or anything else that ChristInsanity might lead them to think would be proper.

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