The same old sheeple story in new wrappings…

Since I like to take a probabilistic approach to things I do usually tolerate much uncertainty. But sometimes even little things just add up and remove most of it. This can be a good thing as I can be a bit lazy when in comes to the hard work of checking facts like whether they do indeed add significant quantities of fluoride into the drinking water in Finland. But just reading about the recent proposal of one workgroup of the Ministry of Justice there which indicates that those creeps are planning to make it possible to prosecute a person who just links to a “racist” website with a charge of “aggravating against some ethnic group” which in the worst case scenario could land that person into a prison for up to four years, brought to my mind a “probably” sure way to know without checking the facts: if they manage to make those changes into the law without inciting serious public outrage, the poor sheeple must surely have had they brains well fluoridized or else they couldn’t possibly be so docile.

Also, the law would of course make me a criminal in Finland since I remember that the jewish state prosecutor considered even rather “mainstream” sites like extremist (makes some sense from their perspective as I certainly understand why the establishment doesn’t in general like for example Paul Graig Roberts’ articles). I wonder if I could apply for a political asylum in the Obamination then. Oh wait, Holappa tried that already and ended up spending his time in jail before he was deported.

Oh goodness, aren’t I glad that the jewdicial system is hell-bent on going after racists while minor crimes like the murder of the weapons inspector David Kelly are so unimportant to solve that the British system declared all evidence regarding his death secret for decades (up to 70 years I hear).

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