On gender pay gaps

Now here’s another report lamenting the fact that women don’t seem to earn as much as men even controlling for many variables. No news really but I’ll make some remarks anyway.

One quote:

One year out of college, women working full time earn 80 percent of what men earn, according to the study by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, based in Washington D.C.

“These unexplained gaps are evidence of discrimination, which remains a serious problem for women in the work force,” it said. “It surprised me that it was already apparent one year out of college, and that it widens over the first 10 years,” Catherine Hill, AAUW director of research, told Reuters

But of course the female researchers and the reporter don’t seem to consider the possibility that even if the discrimination were real, as long as women were in a matter of fact just as capable and as intelligent and hard-working as men, they should be able to start businesses that offered better deals for women and would still be able to compete against companies that had mostly males working for them, especially if they paid just a little less for women than other companies pay for men but still more than their competitors. Then again, since that doesn’t seem to be happening, I continue suspecting that women aren’t on average as productive workers as men. Though of course it’s possible that women also discriminate against women (as some studies suggest.. though maybe it shouldn’t be called discriminating if women really aren’t as capable as men and they just realize that themselves even if they don’t usually admit it) and they are thus just as responsible for their own blight whichagain doesn’t suggest they are really that intelligent on average.

I have also hypothesized that the combination XX might somehow turn off some part of your criticalthinking faculty in your brain (more often than the combination XY) which could explain for example why women are known to be on average more religious than men as well as part of the pay gap. As far as I see, one way smart women could fight this is to have more kids than their less smart sisters. Though again, that doesn’t seem to be happening. It is thus possible gender pay gaps will grow more in the future unless of course evil has its way with redistributionist policies.

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