Old stuff in a new era…

Tough luck has kept on haunting me as I have totally missed out on the opportunity to experience the cold chill that reports tell me has recently engulfed most parts of Europe.

Still, I haven’t been so unlucky that I haven’t had the opportunity to experience the consequences of and perhaps learn from the other major cause of human misery I have written about besides psychopathy: namely stupidity. For the record I say I agree with the one person who said succinctly that it is a disease. A mostly heritable disease that should ultimately be cured if possible and eradicated by other means if not. If the human race fails to cure it I would not personally weep if by some fluke the mind children of better minds would inherit the earth.

Speaking of better minds brings me once again to Revilo P. Oliver. A man who had both learning and intellect he used to enlighten people rather than to take advantage of them like most modern intellectuals who have sold out (no surprise he is not widely known in modern times). In particular I’m currently reading his book America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative. I at least haven’t encountered any other thinker (among those who haven’t been on the inside anyway) who has seen so clearly what was going on in the world and what would follow besides Dr. Oliver. Nevertheless, it’s still in some way comfortable that even minds like his can make epic mistakes occasionally like not realizing already right after or during the war that “the international race” was actually more powerful than any of the countries populated by whites.

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