Gun laws and the Korean mass-murderer

I guess everyone has heard about this case. At first, I was a little surprised the killer wasfromSouth Korea but then I remembered thattheyarenotexactlyknownfortheirgoodnatureas
theyarefromthesamestock asNorthKoreanswhoarewell
knownfortheirquite insane brutality.Anyway,sincethoseopposinglenientgunlawsare
studentswouldhavebeen armed,thekillerwouldnothavelasted10secondsafterhe startedkilling.Hewouldatworst
killed maybe 10 people before some other student (or professor or…) would have shot him down.

Also, making gun laws stricter would not stop people who are determined enough and that Korean definitely appears to having been very determined and sadistic. So it’s quite possible that even more lenient gun laws would have saved people better than stricter ones.

But of course, we would be better off trusting authorities like those mentioned in the article as “Some students have complained that they received no warning from the university(afterthefirstshooting) until an e-mail more than two hours after the first incident”. Yes, authorities do sound like they are doing their job well like usual. Riight! Let’s face
it: you can’t trust authorities will protect you as they have way less incentive to do it than yourself. You’d better get a gun yourself.

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