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The fine folks who make up the white underground sent me a copy of Victor Ostrovsky’s The Other Side of Deception (your help is much appreciated, thanks!), a book that details the ex-Mossad agent’s travails after he was sacked from “the Office” in 1986 and was recruited into efforts to reform the Mossad from the outside (after rogue elements within the Mossad had assassinated their appointed head using a 14-year-old Lebanese sucker).

I gathered a short list of the more interesting bits of information I found in the book:

  • over 80 Palestinian refugees recruited by the Mossad in countries like Denmark using a single method in a single year, local intelligence services supporting Mossad’s efforts
  • Mossad monitors hotel chain reservation systems all over the world
  • 3000 sayanim in Great Britain, over a hundred safe houses in the Greater London Area
  • British intelligence operatives in Washington DC totally unaware of the extent of the sayanim network
  • Israelis control the US using the sayanim network, the Israel lobby and the secretive B’nai Brith
  • assistance for fundamentalist muslims. The goal is to have other middle eastern countries ruled by fundies unwilling to work with the west so that all Western support will flow to their good ally Israel
  • constant interest in purchasing media (with assistance from sayanim like Robert Maxwell) in order to influence public opinion and to provide “day jobs” for agents
  • Mossad’s seminars on terrorism, given as acts of friendship to German intelligence, were actually used by the Office to recruit people to work against their country’s interest (similar shenanigans also in other countries)
  • the conspirators behind the first book agreed that they should not include things which could nurture anti-Semitism (I bet they had to omit lots of things!)
  • Direct links with B’nai Brith, AIPAC, UJA
  • unlimited emergency funding provided by sayanim bankers
  • Israelis had been testing medications on blacks in South Africa under Mossad’s command
  • French intelligence didn’t seem to want to believe that there’s no compartmentalization in the Mossad (the reason Ostrovsky knows so much about other operations than his own)
  • the plan to vilify secular Saddam was already in place in 1986
  • sometime after Ostrovsky left the Mossad it started to recruit new members from messianic sects in large numbers (presumably the type of jews who think of goyim as cattle whose only purpose is to serve their masters and so on)

Ostrovsky, who was a self-described fan of Israel, a good Jew who only hated the Mossad (because it was inefficient and serving other than the general interest of Israel), doesn’t go into as much detail as I’d like in his book, but at least he reveals some dirty methods used by the Mossad to take over media using people like Robert Maxwell:

They would target in advance a paper that he was to purchase and start it on a collision course with bankruptcy using all available strategies, starting with workforce agitation and ending with pullback of funds from the paper through bankers and advertisers sympathetic to the Mossad. Then, once the target was softened, they’d send Maxwell in for the kill.

Also, if Ostrovsky’s claim about many Palestinian refugees working for the Mossad is true, it naturally begs the question of how many of the more outrageous acts performed by such refugees have actually been instigated by the Mossad to serve some purpose in the propaganda war…

Anyhow, it has to be said that it is not easy to determine how truthful Ostrovsky is when it comes to certain details of his story, though if some things like his recounting of the time when the Mossad’s shrink told him that he has a “fear deficit” based on his psychological profiling, are false, they certainly are rather clever deceptions considering the overall story (though by no means beyond the capabilities of actual Mossad operatives one would think).

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