White man’s responsibility

Let’s face it: foreign aid to Africa hasn’t worked too well
(read for example thispage if you are not convinced). Still, since black Africans don’t seem to be doing too well when left to their own devices, white men could still consider trying to help them in some way.
And right now I’m about to propose a radically new approach to
foreign aid.

Again, it’s worth to consider seriously the possibility that what black people are
really lacking is what I call genetic virtue. White men tend to have more of it, which is one main reason they have managed to build the western civilization (which of course has its flaws but is still a lot better than what black Africans have produced).
Now how should white men inject part of their genetic virtue into black populations
in order to let black Africa have a real go at civilization building? That’s
something I’m about to consider.

First, since many white men could easily spare some money especially if we’d drop
conventional and badly working foreign aid to Africa, richer white men could easily have enough money to establish some sort of camps in Africa where selected young and fertile black women
and girls are brought to (they would be paid to come there and would all be there because they wanted to). In the camps, they would meet virtuous white men who had provided the money to run the operations and they would make themselves very comfortable together. What should result is plenty of half-white babies with more virtuous genes than what could be easily found in black populations. Of course these camps should be guarded against bad black influence(allthosebrutalthingsthathappenalloverAfrica) and black women should be provided with the resources to raise their half-white children in better than average (for Africa) environment which shouldn’t be particularly expensive.

Also, white men should probably spend only short periods of time in those camps, but of course work hard on spreading their virtue while there, since they also have the responsibility to
keep white women back home reasonably happy and have children with them. Again, the reason only white men would be coming to those camps is that simple fact that men can have so many more children than women and women probably will find the most virtuous (most likely white) mate back home. Yes, women should use
their limited child-bearing capacity to have only virtuous white children (though maybe someday quite soon they too can participate like men). On the
other hand, every truly virtuous white man should have at least a hundred half-black babies in those camps and at least few pure white children back home.

Now this is only a rough idea and countless details should be worked out before starting
operations on a large scale, although I think smaller pilot operations should in my opinion
be started as soon as possible. Also, of course, any false ethics which would claim
this would be unethical should be countered too.

Hopefully, after some hundreds of thousands of half-white children raised in
decent environments, a critical mass in
genetic virtue in Africa would be accomplished and the region would really start to improve. I’d say it’s worth a serious try!

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