The future ascent of man

Now here’s a very conservative estimate on the possibility of human subspeciation. Why, oh why, doesn’t Dr. Curry seem to consider the possibility that with the help of genetic engineering, the rich, smart and beautiful people could so easily evolve into a new subspecies so very much faster? I’d say it’s kinda conservative to think it will take more than a few hundred years (unless of course muslims take over the planet and repress science or some such calamity happens). After all, a relatively small addition to the genomes of their children could make it impossible for them to breed normally with primitive humans.

Anyway, I’m not against that kind of progress. I want humanity to continue to evolve. And even if I wouldn’t like that I’d say other people have the right to evolve without my consent. And if some people don’t have the means to be part of that kind progress (for example since they have wasted their incomes on all kinds of frivolities) then I say they quite likely should be left behind.
Also, it’s kinda hard to deny that the creme of humanity doesn’t in practice breed with the underclass even today. There’s just no way that someone like Paris Hilton will have children with the likes of me. Though I guess the situation is a bit asymmetric since alpha males might very well breed with poor girls if they only happen to be sexy enough. In that respect the future might indeed be different after real speciation has happened.

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