Further proof of the global warming scam?

Now, I personally haven’t ever taken the supposed threat posed by global warming very seriously which is reflected by the fact I haven’t bothered to write almost anything on the subject. Still, it is good to see that someone has apparently hacked into a system of some climatologists (University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit to be specific) and released about 61MB of their files including 1073 text files containing email correspondence. I have only briefly taken a look at the files and can’t say I found anything particularly incriminating in them though others apparently have found some things of interest concerning faked data to support the global warming mantra (see also for instance Climate Audit’s take on the matter).

It remains to be seen if any foul play can be properly verified from other sources based on the information now available to anyone. If so, I hope more people will start questioning the validity of other holy cows of corrupted modern science like vaccinations* and also take a closer look at the moon landing hoax and so forth.

Anyway, just maybe the good hacker gets more ambitious and hacks into the Federal Reserve System or Bank for International Settlements. Then I’d be really interested in going through the data myself. Though I suspect all the more interesting stuff would be in yiddish which could cause some trouble.

*For the record I do find the basic idea behind vaccinations, that of stimulating the production of antibodies against specific pathogens, sound, but I have grown more suspicious about the stuff that they put into the shots after reading Eustace Mullins’ book Murder by Injection. Also I’d guess stuff like vaccinations for Alzheimer’s disease are pure bullshit. I certainly have lost much of whatever faith I may previously have had in the medical establishment.

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