Cult of Evil vs J. Richards – KO?

What happens to guys like Richards who can describe themselves like this on MR:

When I started commenting at MR, I came across as philo-Semitic (philo-Jew to be more precise), and was accused of being a Richardberg. Eventually I became the most ‘anti-Semitic’ blogger at MR, also exceeding the commentators at MR. Long ago, I left Fred ‘blame it on the Jews’ Scrooby in the dust. What prompted this change?

I have explained my awakening at judenfrei, and to make a long story short, the main events that made me seriously examine Jews were near-simultaneous realizations that the Holocaust is a hoax and that Jews did 9/11.

There was a time when I preferred to use Zionists instead of Jews to address criminal Jews. I was hoping to use a word that doesn’t suggest that all Jews are to blame or are culpable. I persisted even when it became clear that most Jews are Zionist. Eventually I dropped references to Zionists as it became clearer that whereas Jewish criminals have been known by many names through the ages – Pharisees, Christ killers, Khazars or Cozars, Usurers, Bolshevists, Communists, International Bankers, Zionists, etc. – they have been members of a criminal community all along that today calls its members Jews. Their behavior has hardly changed; before Zionism was established, Jewish money changers weren’t doing anything fundamentally different from modern Jewish international bankers’ behaviors. And, many crimes committed by Jews are not related to Zionism.

Well, what happens is that he appears to have vanished from the internet along with the hard-hitting website very suspiciously (naturally the internet archive hasn’t a backup of the site either). Now only two supposedly jewish commenters on that MR thread brag that you can’t do anything to stop them in comments entered after his disappearance.

I sure hope he resurfaces sometime in good health but so far things don’t look great.

(it also appears that ADL may have brought down Ognir’s theinfounderground forum recently as it has been removed by the host..)

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