Watching the controlled media

I heard a rumor that media studies are all the rage among the sheeple and decided it was time to reach for the lowest hanging fruits in my sight. In short, I watched both Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s Question Time and Alex Jones’ latest flick The Fall of the Republic. Still, don’t expect any detailed analysis from my blog, just a few quick observations I made watching them.

First, for someone who doesn’t watch much TV, the Question Time’s treatment of Griffin certainly was a very in-your-face kind of a proof of what should be outrageously blatant negative bias against the BNP and Griffin to any sober person. The audience who did much of the questioning was naturally composed of anyone except straight white native Britons to ensure they would not be supportive of Griffin (lots of arabs, blacks, turks, asians, gays and few jews too and the blacks were chosen so that they superficially appeared rather respectable) just like the other panelists (who certainly seemed to embrace the “only lies will be told in the media” line of The Protocols considering the “factual content” of their output).

Others have already written about how Griffin himself did a rather mediocre job of presenting “the core issues” to the public so I won’t write about that. I’ll just note that to me Griffin’s continuing stated support for Israel’s violence in Gaza (supposedly against terrorists) along with his lack of a firm stand when it comes to the Holohoax issue indicates that he has made some sort of a deal with the Jewry and cannot be trusted. Thus one has to wonder if the media savvy people actually had calculated that the overly blatant bias against Griffin actually works in his favor among native Britons and they are counting that he will actually do their bidding later on. This would also explain why Griffin did such a bad job with presenting those “core issues” when he had the chance.

On the other hand, The Fall of the Republic was a bit better than I had expected. I was certainly glad it contained much less “nigger time” than Jonestein’s previous video The Obama Deception as such time tended to add little to the informational content of the production though it otherwise continued along the same line. Jones is quite capable of making it clear that Obama is a puppet working for the same people who have been behind all the other recent presidents as well and that the supposed differences between the Democrats and the Republicans are just for the show as they take their orders from the same clique. Still, like before, even though the video certainly mentions the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Rahmbo, nowhere does it make a connection that Obama is working for the Jewish interests which apparently want chaos to prevail in America and elsewhere.

Maybe the most interesting part of the video to me was that which exposed the deliberate plan to dumb down the masses through spectator sports which was initiated a little over a hundred years ago. Before that, sports was mainly for the kids, while adults had other at least slightly less frivolous interests than watching grown men play monkeys. I know as a kid I myself spent time watching sports, mainly because other people did it, but at some point doing so certainly started feeling just utterly stupid. I wasn’t a particularly smart kid in high school for example, but I remember doing one smart thing back then: I promptly left the classroom when the other kids convinced the teacher it was time to watch some Olympic games (or whatever) coverage on the telly.

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