Justice is a joke in Germany

record:the release of Brigitte Mohnhaupt after she spent only less than three decades in prison(atruelifesentence!) after been more or less responsible for possibly dozens of murders.Thewomanhasexpressednoremorsebutapparently
thecourtseemsto thinkthatsincethey see no indication sheposesanyfurtherdangeritis perfectly alright
to release her.I’dsayyouneedverylittleadditional indicationofpossibledangerconsideringherrecordtojustify
keepinghersafelyaway from society. Again some crazy “humanist” types think that even after all she has done it would be so wrong to keep this terrorist in prison for the rest of her life. No matter that
her victims have been dead for decades and will be dead forever never having had the
chance to enjoy the rest of their possible lives unlike her now. I will never understand
how they can call that justice with a straight face.

The germans definitely do have a long record of supporting evil and
this case will just be onerelativelyminor addition to that (the major things were really MAJOR after all). At least the majority of germans still seems
to think it is wrong to release her, but if they don’t act and stop it they will again be responsible for more evil just like when they did not stand against Hitler.

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