How to ensure failure

I can’t say I’ve ever been much of a patriot as I left my home country after I had become rather disillusioned with the current state of affairs over there rather than taking a harder path and trying to save my country. Still, I’ve quite naturally spent some time observing what’s going on back there near the arctic circle while enjoying usually more hospitable Mediterranean climate.

This year I’ve noted the folks back home have actually managed to get some sort of a movement on a roll that aims at halting the rapid multiculturalization of the society at the expense of native taxpayers and their descendants. However, I have some issues with the movement. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that it centered itself around this forum with a rather ‘funny’ name. Now I’m certainly not a PR expert either but I definitely would think the name would only appeal to blue-collar workers at best and make any people who don’t want to associate too much with common rabble and their modes of thinking balk a bit.

Still, such a trifling matter would hardly be a big deal if the movement had a realistic chance of making a difference and hadn’t shot itself in a foot in a rather more serious way: it has effectively banned any discussion of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and related material on its main forum. Central to this unfortunate decision along with some Christian Zionists appears to be their moderator with a name that says it all: Vera Izrailit. According to my meticulous study of the matter she’s of course a Zionist bitch of the very worst kind — always eager to lead the flock astray using tactics common to Jewry and her family was likely involved in the mass killings and other horrors in the Soviet Union and now the she-devil has latched herself on the small neighboring country and plans to do there what her tribal death cult did in Russia while posing as a friend of the people who try to do just the opposite.

Now some reader might of course question the relevance of The Protocols to the current discussions on how to stop mass third world immigration and so forth but such questions only reveal that either the questioner has not read the material or hasn’t comprehended its implications. Instead of discussions that would help even casual readers to a path to true understanding of the situation (the real reason politicians, media and the corporations do what they do), and thus to formulations of effective solutions, now everyone on the forum either gets it all wrong or is kicked out. No surprise then if the movement fails to achieve any significant change just like other movements elsewhere have failed before it.

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