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I managed to get a little sick a week ago once again. Sore throat and stuff. For a day or two I was a bit worried I had been mistaken to think I already had the h1n1-infection in May but as none of the telltale symptoms of the flu materialized this time it seems it was probably caused by some ordinary rhinovirus. Still, I was feeling miserable enough for about 48 hours that I decided to take a break from reading any heavier material and turned to fiction. Fortunately I had found just the right type of book some time before after reading this Occidental Quarterly’s review of the Northwest Quartet by Harold A. Covington. In particular, I had The Brigade by my side.

It tells a story of an armed insurrection taking place in the northwestern states of America. A few whites have finally had enough of it in the Brave New America nominally lead by aging Hillary Clinton in a time when you get the death sentence for merely possessing The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and most white women, plus almost everyone else, have been thoroughly brainwashed by the ZOG. And they do just what the jews don’t want them to do. They plan carefully, organize themselves around small terrorist cells so that the whole operation won’t be easily compromised if a few people get caught as low level operatives don’t know that much about other units. And then they attack the system continuously in order to make it too expensive for the federal government to hold on to that part of America. It of course tends to help that the majority of the armed forces of the US are busy doing Israel’s bidding in the middle-east.

I’m not totally out of their hebewoods sidekick yet as at this point I’ve only read so far to see the propaganda moguls send their emissary to northwest in order to arrange some sort of a cease fire. Nevertheless, Covington’s story certainly makes refreshing reading and is rather inspirational. Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few Europeans educating themselves too with fiction like this if the now apparent acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty hastily turns most of Europe into a totalitarian abomination.

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