Think about my words, refugee

While I have no doubt life wouldn’t be too good for this refugee from Zimbabwe back home, I think his words are kind of revealing: “It’s humiliating and degrading to go to charity. It doesn’t seem fair – Britain doesn’t appear to be practising what it preaches. They speak of offering good hospitality and supporting democracy. But the system has been cruel to me.”

Umm, it’s humiliating and degrading to go to charity in Britain? I hate to say it, but if things are really that bad in Zimbabwe, I think a refugee should be able to handle some humiliation here if he wants handouts. Welfare benefits would be charity too you know although they of course would be expropriated fromthe public and notquite freely given (also, he had already received benefits for some time before they were cut off but apparantly he isn’t very thankful).DoeshenotseeanythingwrongindemandingmorefromBritain?
Shouldwebe slavesforalltherefugeesoftheworld or maybe just for him?

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