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It seems that the US head of intelligence has for the first time disclosed the amount of money they spend on intelligence related work annually: $75 billion. Thus, based on the claim made by Andreas von Bulow that 95 per cent of the work done by intelligence agencies internationally is deception and disinformation, we can finally calculate a rough estimate for the sum the Americans spend on deceiving the unsuspecting citizens of our planet: $71.25 billion. Little wonder we have no shortage of sites like and articles debunking conspiracy theories in Popular Mechanics and other magazines. Not to mention paid shills on every larger internet forum.

Also note that according to this page the intelligence budget was as little as $44 billion as lately as in 2005 and less than $27 billion in 1998. I suppose it’s getting expensive to cover up the truth behind 9/11 and other deceptions. The good news is that they can’t afford to do it forever if they can’t keep the cost down…

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