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Amid all this quite popular craze about climate change, I have so far remained unconvinced it isoneofthemostimportantissuesaffectingmy own and mankind’sfuture (see for example this blog entry for David Friedman’s similar thoughts on the subject).InsteadIactuallythinkthatdysgenicsisquitelikelyamore
importantthingtoconsider in the long run. Though of course worrying about it isn’t nearly as popular as worrying about climate change, but then again, that’s one main reason it is so important thing to worry about; see this review of Richard Lynn’s(alocalmanbtw.) book for some food for thought.

Onequote:”Professor Lynn’s major thesis in Dysgenics is that scientific evidence has proven the eugenicists were absolutely right in their concerns about genetic deterioration, and that we, as a society, have made a serious mistake by discounting them.”

Itendtoagree.WhenIread about the subject and observe theworldaroundme,itisreallyhardtothinkthatdysgenicsisn’tareal
phenomenon with real and worrying consequences.
slowlyitwon’treallymatter.Idon’tagree: itisn’t
happeningthatslowlyiffor example peoplewithinferiorgenotypes
withgoodgenotypes(also, the underclassusuallyhaskids
inferiorgenesevenfaster). Like I have mentioned before
somewhere, one crucial step to stop dysgenics would in my
opinion be abolishing redistributionist policies. Let the underclass
take care of its own children without the help of stolen(taxed)
subsidies and nature would make things better quite naturally.
Though in the short runexplicitly eugenic policies might be good
for fixing problems caused by dysgenics faster, I think it is
possible they are not absolutely crucial.

Then again, if you for example think that global warming is really
a serious problem, it would be good to consider some of its more
fundamental causes. Dysgenics and global warming mightvery
wastingresources (and polluting) as well as supporting bad
environmental policies – thushasteningglobalwarming.
which of course means they and their descendants cause more
pollution in the long run. So it’s actually quite
reasonable to think dysgenics is one fundamental cause of global warming.

Even more, one other thing that I worry about, mass immigration
to Europe from third world countries and
Europe’s islamization, is probably contributing both to dysgenics
and global warming. Again one way to make things
better would be to stop subsidising such immigration.

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