The legacy of lies: 2 billion deceived sheep

On a few spare moments I have had lately I have been quickly browsing Joseph Atwill’s book Caesar’s Messiah – The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus in order to get myself an alternative view on the Christ Hoax. So far it seems Atwill makes a few apparently solid points that suggest the Romans were indeed behind inventing Christianity though one can debate just how Roman those ‘Romans‘ were as Atwill acknowledges that

One of the individuals involved with the creation of the Gospels was the first-century historian Flavius Josephus, who, as he relates it, led a fabulous life. He was born in 37 C.E. into the royal family of Judea, the Maccabees…Josephus also claimed to have been a member of each of the Jewish sects of his era, the Sadduccees, the Pharisees, and the Essenenes.

I think I’ll dare to make a wild guess before reading the whole book that even if Atwill is correct Josephus wasn’t the only Jew who was involved as Jews like to stick together and that the leading members of world Jewry have known from the beginning that Christianity is a fraud as a Jew born into the Maccabees’ family likely was working under their instructions as he was infiltrating the very top of Roman hierarchy. I’d further guess that the fact that Christian gospels are rather friendly to the ‘Roman’ rule is because the Jewry had already largely seized control of the Roman empire during the first century and thus had their interest in weakening its opposition.

Anyway, Atwill writes more on the Flavius the Jew’s role in this deception with massive consequences to the world after his time:

Josephus’ histories provided Jesus with historical documentation, a fact that is widely known. They also provided Jesus with another kind of documentation, a fact largely forgotten. Early Christians believed that the events Josephus described in War of the Jews proved that Jesus had been able to see into the future. It is difficult to find even one early Christian who taught another position.

But as Atwill points out it seems that a rather more likely explanation for the accuracy of those ‘predictions’ is that they were actually made after the facts had happened as there doesn’t seem to exist any original Christian writings that predate the events. More to the point, there might not have been any Christians either before those events that happened supposedly after the Christ had died.

Update: The more I read, the more I think I indeed might have stumbled on an important part of the ultimate truth behind Christianity. A lucky choice of reading it seems (though to be sure I would of course have to read both Josephus’ book the War of the Jews and the New Testament simultaneously). And based on a few short book reviews I have found I’m not the only one who thinks so. For example Bookfinder has one:

from a former Roman Catholic Rated by Guest – 2/27/2007
As a former Roman Catholic and amateur theologian, I’ve read most of the currently available Jesus-debunking books. While all have offered tantalizing theories and titillating speculations, not one of them have been presented in such stunning and utter clarity, leaving no room for doubt or scepticism as to the veracity of Atwill’s remarkable thesis and claim.I was thoroughly stunned by Atwill’s indisputable logic and the force of his argument.The saddest thing is that, the conclusions of this book are so earth-shattering that it will probably never find the audience that it deserves, which is the entire world! Major media wn’t touch it, because the force of Atwill’s research and expose is so compelling that it leaves no “wiggle room” for appeasing the nervous Christians who may be invited to attempt to debunk it. My favorite book and HIGHLY recommended!!

And John Hudson’s review is on the Amazon page and part of it reads:

Caesar’s Messiah has three unique and amazing features;

(1) Atwill is willing to look objectively at the facts and discard false assumptions. He makes rational judgments of the evidence and follows the implications wherever they lead. He is therefore able to show what others have missed. This is enormously exciting and refreshing.
(2) His discovery that the key events in the life of Jesus are literary satires of events in the Roman military campaign in Judea (66-70CE) shows definitively that these parts of the gospels (and one might infer probably the rest as well) were created by the Romans to deceive the Jews into worshipping a false literary messiah.
(3) His discovery that the so called ‘Testimonium’ passage in Josephus’s book Jewish Antiquities is essentially a confession by the Flavian Emperors that they wore the ‘mask’ of Jesus as a false god to seduce the Jews into worshipping them in disguise, is also an ground-breaking discovery.

And to top it all: Wikipedia has deleted the entry it had on Josehp Atwill. A sure sign he’s on to something, eh!

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