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Some good news for a change, as although the Jewry may be finalizing their plans for either total enslavement or total elimination of the gentiles (I’m not totally sure which one is the prevailing plan yet) I can report that at least I myself have been feeling significantly better recently. My prolonged health problems, including my affair with the (swine?) flu virus, were definitely taking their toll on how well my brain functioned last Spring and early Summer, but now that I’ve been able to exercise regularly for some time not only my mind seems to function noticeably more smoothly but I also feel like I could soon beat a Mossad agent, or a few of them, in a hand-to-hand combat if it comes to that.

Still, I think I have to focus more on some of the stuff I’ve been neglecting rather than blogging so it’s possible things will continue to be a little slow around here…

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