Jews want a planet free of goyim?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes has recently brought to my attention an ancient Jewish belief that tells that we are currently entering a thousand year period in which our planet will be free of Gentiles and that “The Jews plan to lay the Earth to waste at this very time.

He references Julius Hillel Greenstone’s freely available book and writes:

At page 94, Greenstone states that the Jews believed the current “end times” era would be one in which the youth were severed from their heritage and families, and the World would become corrupt and would endure the “birthpangs of the Messiah”

It is no coincidence that Jews created these prophecies and believe in them, and that Jews are deliberately causing these things to occur today, especially in Communist nations like the New America. The fact is the Jews are fulfilling their messianic prophecies by deliberate action, actions which are deliberately destroying us in order to make room for an all-Jewish, and only Jewish, World. The Jews are intentionally fulfilling their religion, which calls for the extermination of the Goyim at this time, and the ruin of the Earth.

Indeed, and I suppose it was not a coincidence that it was the Jews who even invented the very weaponry, nukes, which could so easily be used to erase the Gentiles from the face of the planet. I can only guess that the wealthy Jews plan to survive the third world war, nuclear holocaust and engineered pandemics by withdrawing into ‘vaults’ dug deep inside the mountains at various places just like they have portrayed in the computer game series Fallout (um, weren’t the developers behind Troika Russkie Jews? Correct me if I’m wrong). I have read that at least Americans have quite sizable facilities that are supposed to be livable during nuclear armageddon inside mountains and I predict that when the shit hits the fan the Jews are planning to make sure no goyim will be allowed in them (and who knows if they also have secret underwater colonies built with the money that the public thinks went into the Apollo Missions and other such frauds).

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