Mugabe’s soul must be blacker than his skin

Heads up for this call for help from Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Tsvangirai.

One quote:
“I felt like my head had been smashed open or I had been partially decapitated. I passed out three times, I was later told by eyewitnesses. I lost a lot of blood and was later injected with two pints. After passing out the last time, I can’t remember many things. Later I found myself in a crowded, hot, filthy and cockroach-infested police cell. I was told I was at Borrowdale Police Station. The rest is now history.”

Also note the following quote: “It is common knowledge that when Mugabe stole the 2002 presidential elections in broad daylight and was later condemned by all and sundry for that electoral theft, my supporters were more than ready to confront him in the streets and topple his regime. I restrained them because I don’t believe in violence but peaceful protest.”

That might have been a mistakehe hasnow paid with blood and suffering. When Mugabe’s supporters are doing those kinds of things,andallthosethingstheyhavebeendoingoveryears, the time for non-violent protest might have longago passed. You have to defend yourself. You have to fight against Mugabeandhissupporterswithallyouhave.Youhavetokill

Though I don’t support public help provided by foreign governments, I’d definitely donate for example a gun or two for the opposition if only I had more resources myself. I can only hope some others who are in better position to help will support them.

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