Tragedy and treachery

It seems I’ve been going through Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope at a snail’s pace a few pages every now and then and I have had a few thoughts I might mention here. First, I might note that as Quigley was so thoroughly in league with the establishment there’s a good reason to suspect he can not be trusted when he at times vehemently contradicts the orthodoxy among more enlightened conspiracy theorists.

Still, at times he is at least more candid than the average history textbook used in public schools (that’s not necessarily a lot!). He for example makes it clear that during Japan’s Meiji Restoration (westernization) after the Meiji oligarchy had seized power from the Tokugawa shogunate they used the Emperor who was then nominally ruling Japan as their puppet and unashamedly promoted Shintoism (notably anti-individualist selflessness) to the Japanese masses while at the same time behind the scenes selfishly grabbing all the wealth and power for themselves at the expense of the suckers who bought what they were peddling (the Japanese elite seemed to act very ‘Jewishly’ in other words… was it an independent discovery of how to handle the masses or were they actually receiving instructions from Jews in secret?? This line of thought could benefit from further study…).

I might also note that years ago when I was watching movies at one point I erred in believing the hype about the ‘Japanese genius’ Akira Kurosawa who has of course been highly praised by movie critics all over the world and watched some of his movies only to discover they seemed to be peddling just that type of bullshit of selfless communitarianism. No wonder the Establishment loved him and promoted his works to the sheeple.

Then there’s stuff about world war one and how the Western militaries stubbornly and disastrously used obsolete strategies that lead to mass casualties on all sides. The French High Command notably seemed to believe that if only the troops have high enough morale they can easily ‘roll through wire, machine guns and trenches’. In retrospect this seems of course almost unbelievably stupid. Now, stuff like that seems to support Henry Kissinger’s claim that military men are dumb, stupid animals, but I do wonder if it was really true among the high officials back then. I can believe that military strategists can be pretty stupid and ignorant about many things outside their area of expertise, but could they really be that stupid? Indeed, as I already ‘know’ world Jewry was powerful enough to orchestrate WW1 I have to consider the possibility that they also might have been powerful enough to ensure that the Western militaries were lead by such psychopaths under Jewish command that they agreed on a strategy which would deliberately lead to mass casualties among the Gentiles to please the bloodthirsty elders of Zion. If not maybe they were at least influential enough to ensure that the people who were smart enough to see the folly in the prevailing wisdom before actual corpses started piling up, and Quigley gives few examples of such people, were not promoted in the military hierarchy.

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