Want more dirt? You’ll find it in the medical establishment

As a continuation of my corruption thread I could bring in more evidence that it’s of course not just places like Turkey that are suffering from major corruption in supposedly respectable fields as the following articles on medical fraud and misconduct should illustrate. First, there’s this recent Steve Hickey’s and Robert Verkerk’s article on more than a few bad apples in medicine:

Most people are aware of conflicting reports coming from clinical studies. One week, it seems, coffee is carcinogenic, while the following week it has no effect on cancer but helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The inconsistency of modern clinical and epidemiological research causes people to mistrust medicine.

Most clinical trials in medicine produce false results. Surprisingly, the high percentage of false studies is not even particularly controversial. The expectation of mistaken conclusions comes directly from medical statistics. Despite this finding, the medical establishment and the mainstream media maintain a fiction that clinical trials and meta-analyses provide a gold standard of scientific “proof”.

Dr Daniele Fanelli’s study illustrates the problem clearly. When asked if they had ever fabricated, or falsified results, up to 5% of scientists admitted outright cheating. One third of scientists admitted questionable practices. That is, they manipulated their data to give a false impression.

misconduct is more prevalent in clinical, medical, and pharmaceutical research — the very area that “gold standard” clinical evidence is held in such high repute.

What that article of course does not point out is that Jews are very highly overrepresented in the medical establishment especially in the US which might have something to do with the prevalence of misconduct (no surprise that other Jew-infested professions like lawyers are not generally known for their high integrity either).

Though it’s not like we shouldn’t have reason to distrust the medical establishment based on older material like this piece from 2006:

Doctors were paid even more money to conduct fraudulent clinical trials that would require patients to take the drugs for twelve months at a time, which of course rang up even more drug profits for the manufacturer and resulted in more kickbacks to the doctors. That’s right: they’re literally playing doctor with your life while pocketing the drug money.

If all this sounds outrageous, think again: this is precisely the kind of criminal activity that now typifies the pharmaceutical industry and organized medicine in general. These companies will do anything to make a buck, including outright bribing doctors with lavish meals, free gifts and even trips to Hawaii and other exotic destinations, all under the guise of “continuing medical education” (CME) courses. It’s all a scam, and the vast majority of physicians just go right along with it, pocketing the benefits and dosing up their patients with whatever drug they’ve been told to prescribe.

And to add even more historical material to this post I could conclude that they knew how to mislead the public even in the 1940’s when they according to Bryson’s The Fluoride Deception conducted a study on fluoride’s effects whose public version comfortingly mentioned that the exposed subjects had fewer cavities than the control group. The minor detail that they only revealed in the version that was not published was that the fluoride workers were largely toothless to begin with while the control group was not. And that was just one of the many frauds that lead to the addition of fluoride to drinking water in many places.

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