And you rely on forensic experts?

I know many people still have a hard time believing the total extent of criminal corruption around the world. I can understand that when the said people still rely on the mainstream media and various pundits working for the establishment who of course among many other things tend to refuse making connections between ‘isolated incidents’ like this report from Turkey where at least one forensic medical institution has been under some public scrutiny after years of very questionable activities. One Turkish woman in the know reports:

“Minor abuse was so common that a minibus was arriving from each city everyday. The minibus was full of minor victims, their families and the abusers … This is such a primitive situation,”

And there’s of course the element of sabotaging the criminal investigations:

Another incident surrounded the murder of Münevver Karabulut. Controversy arose when the Forensic Medicine Institute allegedly smeared sperm from a previous autopsy on the deceased girl.

So it seems the very institution that supposedly was helping to catch the real criminals was basically totally under criminal control. And the criminals who operated the place (and still operate?) were not shy about fabricating evidence to point the investigations into wrong directions presumably when the crimes were done by their criminal collaborators (one has to wonder how many such incidents there have been over the years and how many innocents are in prison now while the real criminals are still free). And one would guess that their criminal collaborators were providing the institute’s workers with minors to be abused to ensure their cooperation. And certainly such a continuous supply required a large organized criminal network (most likely the one that is responsible for quite a lot of drug trafficking to Europe as well and is thus involved in many sorts of crimes). And that network ultimately may be the Jewish one which presumably has quite a few members in Turkey — the land still quite possibly under control of Sabbatai Zevi’s followers and other international Jews.

We’ll see if the Turkish authorities handle the situation any better than the American ones did when they initiated the Franklin Coverup. If not that is surely damning evidence of their collaboration with the criminal network.

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