People are crazy

I guess I need my daily dosage of evidence that the market is supplying as much stupidity as can be sold and thatapparently means a lot of stupidity in Arizona. The guy got 200 years in prison for having some pics on his computer. Though I hardly know how bad the images were, the proper punishment for having those pics should in my opinion obviously be a mere fraction of what the photographer would receive. Also, I hardly think minors could not give their informed consent for sexually explicit pictures.Ijustcan’tbelieve,andIhavenoreasontobelieve,
be absolutely no harm done unless of course some other crazy people then make a problem out of nothing because of some puritan beliefs. But then it should be their problem only.

On the other hand, I thank goodness for the “Invasion of the Prostitots”. Whenever I see a sexy and scantily clad ‘tween girl I know mankind still has some hope even amid all this craziness. The next generation might still save us.

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