This is getting serious…

Once upon a time I was considered to be a somewhat gifted child. Rather than this being all fine and peachy, hardly a day went by I did not lament how poorly the other kids’ brains seemed to function. And I certainly noticed how most of the other kids could not see through lies even if the truth was in plain sight right in front of their eyes. It definitely seemed something was seriously wrong in their heads as rather than trusting their own eyes they believed what they were told to believe especially if that was easier to accept for one reason or another. However, I myself seemed to experience a relative decline in my cognitive ability later on in my childhood. My grades were also rather mediocre for several years. Previously I have thought that maybe the dumbing down effect of the public school got into me but after reading about The Fluoride Deception and learning about the rumored Jewish propensity for “poisoning the wells” an alternative hypothesis suddenly occurred to me just the other day.

You see, I lived in a rather underdeveloped area of Helsinki well outside the urban area and our water came from a private well rather than the public water system which I assume supplied most of the households in Helsinki. Although I don’t know the facts about the fluoride content at that time (or those of other possible toxins) based on my current knowledge it seems likely that the Jews and their agents had deceived/pressured the people responsible for making the decisions into adding some harmful substances into the water coming out of the public system which could have caused some major damage to the vulnerable growing minds. At some point in my childhood, I don’t remember exactly when, our house was also connected to the public system which might have been a factor in my rather bad later development (I also noted my parents seemed to be growing rather senile at an alarming pace sometime later). Nevertheless, it’s possible that since the most vulnerable years of my childhood had passed by a stroke of luck I had averted some permanent brain-damage while most of the other kids were not that lucky. Though no doubt I still got more than little fluoride and other neurotoxins from other common items even very early on.

And all this time I’ve been thinking I may have some novel mutation that added a few extra connections to my brain or something. But maybe I just have a little less brain damage than many others after all.

Anyway, fear not my retarded Finnish brethren, for I will use whatever ability to think that remains in my brain in my attempt to put the Jews and their willing servants to justice. I’m sure you would appreciate this immensely if you had the undamaged brains to do so.

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