Reed’s take on the Zionist scheme

Continuing on the topic of Douglas Reed’s book The Controversy of Zion whose central theme revolves around the intrigue behind the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine and to lesser degree the ultimate Jewish plan of world government under Jewish dictatorship, I might note that he manages to get into even more controversial stuff such as making his case that the Nazi concentration camps were heavily infiltrated by commies, who of course were led by Jews, and were actually chiefly under Jewish command near the end of WW2 (no wonder it is hard to find the book from any mainstream sources). He also details how the Jews established rabbinical courts in places like New York and Israel after the war to get some justice for the few Jewish victims of their Jewish tormenters while totally neglecting the much greater harm done to non-Jews and demanding compensation from the Germans who weren’t really in charge of what went on in them.

Reed goes further by detailing how the commie network had also infiltrated the US government at the same time (e.g. Alger Hiss) and with their powerful allies diverted massive quantities of American bounty to the Soviets both during the war and after it including nuclear secrets (much like Prof. Antony Sutton detailed later in a more thorough manner). Jews of course responded to whistleblowers with relentless defamation campaigns in the media they controlled and drove people to suicides (though who knows if they were also staged ones like seems to be too common nowadays).

Reed has clearly done much research but he seems to have missed some things which have become more common knowledge later. He for example attributes to Lenin the prophetic words about the second world war (to be fought in order to establish Israel etc.) which however were just part of the plan for three world wars already revealed by Albert Pike decades before Lenin’s time. I’d say he’s also too kind when it comes to the role played by Roosevelt and Churchill and doesn’t seem to go into discussing their Jewish heritage which might explain their eventual dedication to the Zionist cause. But that’s all for today I think.

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