Letting kids murder and walk free soon afterwards

Before the little bit more serious stuff, let me note I heard at one of London’s Airports: “…takes pictures of the pretty girl”.Well,Inotedsomeasianguydoingthesamekindofthing – some guys just don’t feel any shame at all –
soatleastsome Europeanshave some things in common with them. And the pretty girl was really cute and *very* slim(atruewonderofnature!) and was probablya Swede since she was also blond and flying to Stockholm.

Anyway, maybemoreimportantly
here’smoresupportforthehypothesis thatit’sstupidwedon’t
punish young offenders more seriously

“The drug mafia takes advantage of the fact that minors cannot be given adult prison sentences. Comando Vermelho prefers to use children and adolescents to commit its robberies and murders, because they have so few inhibitions. Ricardo M. describes how he sawed off the arms and legs of prisoners while they were still alive. “We had a special table that we used to torture traitors.” If they are apprehended, the underage gang members spend only a few months in prison and usually return to their gangs shortly after being released.”

Now that does sound like the best possible thing to do, to let them go so easily, eh?IcouldalsonotethatthemovieCidadedeDeuswhichIenjoyed
someyearsago might make your imagination more vivid concerning the situation in Brazil.

Of course the situation isn’t quite as bad in many countries which have similar laws but still most truly criminally inclined kids everywhere are more than happy to exploit the foolish laws by doing the most wicked things before they would receive harsher punishments if caught.

Also, although I don’t support keeping drugs illegal and don’t necessarily think they are always bad, as a consequentialist, Idon’tthinkI should ever(oratleastinmostsituations) buy them since my money could so easily then fuel similar things that are described in thatSpiegelMagazine’s article.

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