The CIA selects psychopaths deliberately?

NewsDaily reports:

NEW YORK, June 18, 2009 (Reuters) — Laid off from Wall Street? The CIA wants you — as long as you can pass a lie detector test and show that you are motivated by service to your country rather than your wallet.

Recruits will have to pass rigorous background and medical checks, as well as a polygraph, or lie-detector test.

Polygraph evidence is generally inadmissible in court because, as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas noted in his majority opinion in the 1998 case U.S. v. Scheffer, “there is simply no consensus that polygraph evidence is reliable.”

And of course it should be kind of well known that psychopaths can generally pass polygraph tests with flying colours and yet in this day and age the great CIA selects people based on how well they pass lie-detection tests done using a polygraph. Could this be for any other reason than that they actually want to hire certified psychopaths?

Believe their lies if you want but I certainly don’t.

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