And the evidence says there were directed hydrogen bombs

I was just re-reading some more esoteric sounding theorizing about just how the WTC towers were demolished. One thing in particular struck my eyes this time in this Finnish Military Expert’s response to one somewhat moronic commenter of his theory that the towers were brought down by a combination of directed mini hydrogen bombs and more ordinary demolition devices:

As a solution to the problem the hydrogen bomb has been augmented with cutter
charges placed on the outermost pillars and the upper floors of the core. These are
based on thermite, that has been spiced up with sulfur, nanotech and a suitable
explosive. According to photos the cuts were made at an angle (so the part on top
really does slide off, and the pillar is cut – one could also weld with thermite).

When ignited a charge like this forms a strong jets that can cut even through steel.
The cutter charges must be triggered much before the hydrogen bomb, so that all the
pillars of the core would get cut. When this is done, and the hydrogen bomb has
been detonated, the strongest pillars of the tower make sure that the “collapse”
progresses towards the center of the tower, into its own “footprint”. The hydrogen
bomb shakes loose also those pillars cut by thermite, that it itself cannot reach
to vaporize.

Note that the anonymous military expert’s response is from 2006 and he already made clear that he thought that nanothermate (aka superthermite) was used as well in addition to those directed nuclear devices that he suggests took out much of the central cores of the buildings and thus eased the demolition big time. That was of course almost three years before Steven Jones and Co published their evidence of nanothermate in the dust gathered after the attack. My conclusion is that the military expert indeed knows his shit just like I thought a year ago when I first read his writings. And I do definitely think he is right about that the picture below is pretty solid evidence in itself that something seriously fishy happened at the time the towers started collapsing in a rather explosive manner as the vaporizing steel beams shot from the towers don’t seem to agree with any less esoteric theory that I know of (on the left not where the arrow points):
WTC explosion scene

Though I have to say I wouldn’t bet that they used an directed mini H-bomb in building 7 as its collapse looked rather different to me.

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