What’s wrong with Europe?

While browsing the net some days ago I found thisone article which kinda blames the raise of atheistic humanism on Europe’s problems.

I have some issues with humanism (notsomuchwith atheism) but I can hardly agree.

One quote: “Europe began the twentieth century with bright expectations of new and unprecedented scientific, cultural, and political achievements. Yet within fifty years, Europe, the undisputed center of world civilization in 1900, produced two world wars, three totalitarian systems, a Cold War that threatened global holocaust, oceans of blood, mountains of corpses, the Gulag, and Auschwitz. What happened? And, perhaps more to the point, why had what happened happened? Political and economic analyses do not offer satisfactory answers to those urgent questions. Cultural-which is to say spiritual, even theological-answers might help.”

Instead, I’d say answers based on population dynamics might help too. After all, a lot of people who moved away from Europe back then(andbefore) left the continent because they were more or less repressed there for one reason or another (often religious I think). It is not that hard to imagine that they left behind them a shortage of virtue (both genetic and phenotypical) – a vacuum so to speak which was soon filled with more people with genes that were more suitable in such an environment. What followed was of course more oppression in Europe; fascists, Nazisandsocialists gained power when there were not enough decent people to oppose them any longer. In a way Europeans (ormaybemoreaccurately their genes) got what they deserved: death in plenty. I guess the justice was served crudely but that’s how it isusually served in real world.

AtleastIsuspectthey more often have genes which predispose them to transcendental beliefs. Though of course the culture has been there too.

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