The Jew gives money, the Jew takes it all away

This is a little bit speculative as I can’t vouch that Elon Musk, the rich entrepreneur originally from South Africa, is indeed Jewish, but his first name and actions definitely suggest that. For example the Wikipedia entry on him states that he left SA to avoid the compulsory military service so that he wouldn’t have had to spend time suppressing the black hordes that have nowadays, when they are no longer suppressed, turned the country into a hellhole and the rape capital of the planet, which of course would be typical behaviour for a Jew as they rarely like to serve in the military (outside Israel anyway) and only like to demonize white folks in public.

Anyway, in the US he has made lots of money, which in itself should raise your expectation that he is indeed a Jew as Jews are so highly overrepresented among the very wealthy and he is now facing an interesting lawsuit as reported by

Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard is suing current CEO Elon Musk, accusing Musk of taking control of the company, orchestrating his ouster in 2007 and attempting to “rewrite history” to take credit for developing the pioneering electric Roadster the two men worked together to create.

The suit accuses Musk of a litany of complaints including libel, slander and breach of contract in alleging that Eberhard was pushed out of the company, wrongfully denied his severance and forced to watch as Musk publicly disparaged him and “compromised Tesla Motors’ financial health.”

“In his zeal to appropriate Eberhard’s legacy, Musk has instead sullied Tesla Motors’ integrity and blemished Tesla Motors’ reputation and prosperity,” the suit states.

What’s more, the suit states, after pushing Eberhard out of the company he founded in 2002 and withholding his severance because of a blog post, Tesla wrecked his car.

If the claims in the lawsuit are true, Mr. Musk is not only a probable Jew but also a likely psychopath conscienceless enough to do what the Talmud teaches. Better be careful with these people, folks, as those two things go together a little too often!

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31 thoughts on “The Jew gives money, the Jew takes it all away

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  2. scube

    The best argument for him being Jewish is the fact that he’s prominently mentioned in a chapter of “Jewish Wisdom for Business Success” book and he’s usually mentioned in a Jewish news and websites

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  3. kuromaku Post author

    That does sound pretty definitive… thanks for letting me know. I remember reading that his father was probably a non-jew (also his looks indicate that he has more than little white European ancestry) which of course has lead me to believe that his mommy comes from the tribe.

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  4. Elon Musk

    You are right on target!!! Elon is indeed an Israeli (and therefore Jewish) name!!!

    The meaning of the name is Oak (the tree).

    His parents probably named him after Yigal Elon , An Israeli born, young General in the 1948 war of independence. Elon founded the “Mistaaravim” commando unit that specialized in infiltrating Arab military, pare-military, and terror organizations. These people literally killed with their bare hands, people like yourself. Their followers in the IDF and the Israeli intelligence organizations are carrying the same actions today. Even a pathetic looser like you, probably heard names like:

    Fatchi Shkaki

    Mahmud El Mabhuh (The guy who was wasted in a Dubai hotel, remember?)

    Imad El Morania – The Hezbollah operations officer

    Halil El Wazir (Abu Jihad)

    and many others.

    By the way, not ALL the loosers that were eliminated by these Israeli organizations were Arab Muslims. Some of them considered themselves to be good Christians from European descent.

    Sleep well.

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  6. matamoros

    As a Jew, I thank you for this post. As long as retards like you run their fucking mouths, we’ll always be able to feel safe.

    Do your buddy Hitler a favor, and kill yourself: your genes are obviously unsuitable for propagation of the human race.

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  7. Linda

    you are an anti-semite of the first order.

    Jews are but less than 1% of the world population, yet they have contributed more to society than any other group.
    Apart from that, Hitler almost wiped out the Jews of Europe. Who knows what brilliant light might have shone upon this planet. And on that note do you hear Jews crying and bemoaning what they went through, using it as an excuse?
    Take a look at the list of Nobel Prize Winners.
    Look at the music that Jews have given us.
    Did you know that White Christmas and Easter Parade were written by Irving Berlin, a Jew.
    Did you know that philanthropy was started by the Jews in this country?
    Hang you anti-semitic head in shame.

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  8. kuromaku Post author

    Oh dear, the jews have surely contributed more than that. Maybe the name Madoff rings a bell? Or such fraudsters as Franz Boas and Freud (ok, probably not given your likely level of education). Not to mention Einstein according to my latest research.

    Maybe every day I should also be thankful to the jews since they have invented the modern banking system that allows them to create money out of thin air to be loaned out to others as debt with interest, a power they have used to orchestrate the World Wars (via control of mass media and so forth) that resulted in tens of millions of dead Gentiles.

    And I most certainly do not believe in the Holohoax. Yes I did some years ago but not any more. It’s just another massive fraud like 9/11. I guess you think I should be thankful to the jews that they staged those attacks as well.

    Instead I think they deserve a punishment the world has never seen for all their lies and all the atrocities they have committed.

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  9. Sasha

    @ kuromaku

    I need some info, man:

    1. what banking system would you like to have in place of the current one (btw, the current system has its roots going back before Jews started really migrating to this country)?

    2. what wars did Jews orchestrate and how? I am a Jew, I am seriously curious about what it is that a single man of Jewish decent or me and my buddies can do to start a war. I’m sure if we can figure that out we can also figure out how to stop them all. We are Jews, we’ll figure it out. Just tell me how they were orchestrated in the past.

    3. It’s your right to believe or not into whatever you want to believe in, but I got to ask: were you there? Did you talk to eye witnesses, other than former nice fellows that used to wear SS uniforms (just like all jail-mates their usual answer is, “I’m not guilty. I didn’t do anything. Falsely accused, bro.”)? Did you tour eastern Europe? There are still people that can tell you some pretty cool fables. Now you got to learn how to speak Polish or Russian or Belorussian or get a translator. You’ll learn some wonderful things about history and what you don’t believe in.

    Btw, my best friend, just another Jew, volunteered for service in 1999 and served with honors until 2005 in United States Army 82nd Airborn Division.

    Both of my grandfathers fought in WW2. My maternal grandfather lost 5 of his brothers on the eastern front.

    My friend’s grandfather was a storm-bomber pilot and dropped hundreds of tons of bombs on nazi Germany (you should see what those pleasant fellows did to my home country Russia. payback is always a bitch).

    There are numerous historical accounts of Jews serving in different combat zones. Don’t believe it neither?… There is a cemetery nearby where I live. About 2.5 years ago there was an honorable busial of a 20 year old Jewish guy KIA in Iraq. I know, I know…got to be something Jews made up. His name was Albert Bitton of Skokie, IL. Look him up.

    Basically, man, stop hating and get your facts straight

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  10. kuromaku Post author


    just a quick reply today (more thorough may take some time): you need to read a few books like The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed (available online thanks to one Danish guy) to get some idea of how more thoughtful and subtle members of the tribe have been able to foment wars since time immemorial.

    Also, do you deny that jews exert massive control over international media and such which they may have used to misrepresent certain facts to the general public? Do you deny that Hollywood is dominated by jews?

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  11. Kimberly

    Wow, gotta rebut the last comment. You’re citing ONE book out of all of the history books ever written. Really? Educate yourself before you throw out useless info. I am Jewish and worked with the media as a SECRETARY in a pr firm for yrs. Most of the editors and writers..publishers too for that matter were not Jewish! In fact I was the only Jewish employee at my firm for most of the time I worked there. Btw, I am poor by anyone’s standards. I do admit, however, many of those people I went to school with who are Jewish are financially secure. Due to their hard work and Judaism’s influence in education…Rabbi’s are teachers…you should know that since Jesus was one. Please, form your opinions from truth. There is no conspiracy…please look for answers to our nation’s problems (and maybe your own) somewhere else. Take an economics course, if not a history class maybe. I don’t hate you but it tears me up inside that people really hate ‘me’ simply because of untruths

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  12. kuromaku Post author

    Have you read the book? If not how do you know it’s useless? I’d dare say it’s rather explosive, certainly far from being useless, and I have definitely read more than a few books during my lifetime. And do you honestly think that after working as a secretary in some pr firm you know better? Now that must be some new jewess’ logic. I’d think working at a PR firm may help you learn something about manipulating perceptions (quite likely) but perhaps it won’t help you that much in learning about the real world behind all the manipulations.

    I guess you haven’t seen the memo that reveals females don’t really have the brainpower to understand such serious issues as the Jewish Question!

    And of course you think that the little fact that jewish bankers have the power to create money out of nothing has nothing to do with the general financial success of individual jews? If you were honest you’d have to admit that the talmud is basically a guidebook for an organized group of criminals…

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  13. Ron

    Thanks for having the courage to expose the truth. Jews account for 1.5% of the US population but hold over 90% of high government offices.

    Since they control everything, it is logical to blame those in control for the problems.

    To suggest that Hitler and the zionists were somehow on opposing teams is a laygh. Nazism was funded by zionists AshkeNAZI jews and according to the red cross in 1976 after a careful study found that 271,000 jews died in WWII due mostly to tarvation after the supply lines to the camps were bombed at the end of the war.

    The US lost 5000 men on a single day storming a beach to go in and save them. The jews were put in the camps to keep them safe and out of the war.

    Read The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush for some good info. on the great deception of WWII. It was all about creating the state of Israel.

    Personally, I avoid jews and won’t vote for them but it is getting difficult to find a gentile that isn’t blackmailed by them or a jew pretending to be a christian.

    George Bush and Barrack Obama are two recent examples.

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  14. kuromaku Post author

    Good to hear from you Ron. Actually I think I read that Unauthorized Biography at least partially maybe two+ years ago and according to my memory it was rather interesting.

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  15. Stacysole02

    Well these are the famous Jews: Biggest thief Madoff, Jewish couple stole atomic bomb invention and sold it toRussia.
    Highest Jewish priest recomemnd Roman governor Pilatus to crucify a brother Jew Jesus Christ. God choose Jews to be eliminated to last living Jew. The punisher Adolg Hitler. New Punisher 1.2 billions of Muslims.

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  16. Stacysole02

    Actualy there are the facts reflecting the hate of God towards Jews. First uprising against Roman Empire 67 AC was supppressed by conquering Jerusalem ; first holoucast 1 million Jews Killed , 12000 Crucified by Roman Troops. From that day when Jews killed Jesaus they are punished by pogroms, being forced to die seperatly and being burried only in jewish cemetary. Jews started 1917 Russian Revolution which total more than 35 milons people dead. Founder Trocky was himselv killed in Mexico by Stalin. Unhuman suffering brought Adolf Hitler who himselv started hated Jews when he lived in Austria – Wien. Unspeakable horrors vere thrown on Jewish race in spite of it Hitler survived assasination plot

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  17. Stacysole02

    The new age of confrontation is the hate of Muslims towards Jews. Muslims main goal in life is to kill any living Jew and the sucide bombers proved it. This is dead end of the struggle in which nonjewish population of USA was drawn in. All misery of wars in Afghanistan or Iraq shows that non jewish citizens suffer for Israel and for protecting Israel against Muslims. The only solution is to take all Jews to USA give Israel to Palestinians and avoid milions of dead and might be the end of the civilisation by 3WW Nuclear Confrontation. Bible said that and so far I beleive it will happened.

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  18. Peter

    It is quite ironic that people today “blame” the Jews for being powerful bankers. Sometimes we need to look back a bit further than our own lifetimes to see the root of a current situation. Hundreds of years ago the Europeans did not allow Jews to own property in Europe, but allowed them to become involved in finances. The Jews’ excellence today in banking is therefore in fact a result of earlier persecution, so some credit should be given where it is due.

    As to their ebility to “create something out of nothing”…..well, if I could have done it, I would have! Maybe the non-Jews in the world should just for once admit that Jews are great at doing business and making a profit. Go big or go home. There is no inbetween. Instead of being a couch potato and critisize Jews and spur on conspiracy theories about what “really happened”, maybe we (non-Jews) could learn something from their spirit…I think it is called Shutzpah? Out of the jaws of defeat, they continuously manage to snatch victory… point in denying it. And of course it makes me jeaous, but jealous in a good way, because it inspires me to be more competitve in what I do, and to not be depressed by the next guy’s success, but rather be inspired by it.

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  19. Adam


    (continued) conspiracy.
    For centuries we used our shrewdness to manipulate goys into wars, but you are just too clever for our foyle-shtikim.
    You have read a book!
    Friends, fellow Jews, the game is over.
    We need to pack our bags and go back to outer-space.
    Yes, even you Elon Musk.
    Kuromako is on the whole deal.
    He knows about the Talmud, now its just a matter of days until he finishes reading the Talmud and know all of our secrets.
    With love, from Israel

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  20. Lou

    Actually, German Jews fought for Germany in WW1 at a higher rate than any other ethnic group. Given their numbers in the German military in WW1, it is not surprising that the German Lieutenant who presented a Cpl. Adolf Hitler with the German Iron Cross was a Jew. Jews also served in disproportionately high numbers for the U.S. in WW1 and WW2. Only in recent times has Jewish representation in the military dwindled. But Jews are still active in all four branches today. This bigot’s site is just another example of these weasel jew-haters use lies, half truths, exaggeration, and hyperbole to spread antagonism. The claims on these sites could only be palatable for a moron, idiot, or psychopath.

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  21. Adam

    Ok, now seriously.
    You believe the Talmud holds the secrets for a world-wide Jewish conspiracy right?
    So, if the Talmud has all the Jewish secrets, why don’t you just read it and find out all the secrets?
    You are obviously an avid book reader, and you have something of a fixation with Jews. So… Read the book.
    And you can write a blog about what you find out.

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  22. Hatemorons/nazilovers

    @kuromaku, stacysole02, @sasha, Ron adn all the rest of you hatefilled neo-nazi, ignorant, paranoid bastards. Your level of hatred and ignorance is so blantant its beyond funny. Its SAD. You must be very unhappy, uneducated, and frustraterd with your own lives to be able to come up with all the lies and bullshit you do. People like you are the bullies of this world. The ones who feel the only way they can make themselves look bigger is by making other people look smaller. Kicking people when they are down. Those bullies we have all met in school. You are the slime of the world. I feel very sorry for you, becasue all everyone will do is wipe their feet off from the slime under their shoes created by you. Rot in hell!

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  23. Jack goldman

    There are good Jews and bad Jews. Jews are just like everyone else, only more so. I think Jews have an over active egos. Both sides exaggerate to make their point. There are millions of evil Jews and millions of good Jews. Both sides of this argument are correct.

    I love good Jews that promote the common good. I hate evil Jews who seek to be parasites on society for all the money, sex, power, and fame they can hoard for their own greedy self centered egotistical gratification. What can we do?

    Madoff is not hated for being a Jew. Madoff is hated for being an asshole fraud. Musk is probably also an asshole fraud and should be hated. It does appear Jews are very egotistical and seek to own and possess because that is where the money is.

    Jews. Be careful. When you take too much you will be hated, not for being a Jew but for taking too much. Who can justify the evil Jew Lloyd Blankfein making $50,000,000 saying he is doing God’s work? What a scum bag. Blankfein and Goldman Sachs are blood sucking evil parasitic vampires. I love good Jewish doctors who save people’s lives and actually contribute something to humanity. I hate evil scum bag Jews who cause the loss of life defending their sorry asses in Iraq and Israel. Tough issue. Both sides can make a good argument.

    Protect yourself. Good luck to us all.

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  24. kuromaku Post author

    Finally a comment made by a jew that seems almost reasonable. Though to be honest I’m not convinced there are millions of good jews (judged by my high non-jewish standards).

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  25. Knightarm the Defender

    To all you antisemitic worms: my parents, grandparents, and many other family members, as well as those of my wife’s, were brutalized (many murdered) during the Holocaust. So all I wish is that you denyers and your families, friends, and offspring experience the same fate. Simple. I’m not asking that you experience any worse fate. Just the same fate as that befallen my family…you worthless scumbags. And btw, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on civilization is christianity. The lamp post on my corner has more deity than your “god”.

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  26. Heather

    An elderly Jewish man is sitting on a park bench reading Reverend Farrakhan’s newspaper. His best friend walks by, sees the paper, and stops — in shock.

    “What are you doing reading that crappy newspaper?” he says incredulously.

    “Better, you should be reading the Jewish Magazine!”

    The elderly man replies, “The Jewish Magazine has these sad and disturbing stories about intermarriage, anti-Semitism, problems in Israel — all kinds of troubles of the Jewish people. I like to read about good news.

    In Farrakhan’s paper, he says the Jews have all the money … the Jews control the banks… the Jews control the press … the Jews control Hollywood…the Jews are going to steal Iran oil. With this anti-semite newspaper I get to read about good news!”

    I love reading this blog for the same reason. I’m glad that the goyim think so highly of us and abilities true or not!

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  27. kuromaku Post author

    Honestly, I don’t have much respect for the abilities of individual jews. Though I have come to the understanding that you do work as a team much better than we do.

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