Put your kids in a public school!

Well, you won’t if you think about it just for a second.Thisisjusttoorichnottoshare:

“After learning of the first assault from a second-grader who witnessed part of it, administrators kept quiet and allowed F.H. to remain in school, the lawsuit said. The 12-year-old sexually assaulted three more first-graders over the next four months, according to the parents.

The final assault, for which F.H. was found guilty in juvenile court of rape and sent to a detention center until he turns 18, took place after he was put on “hallway detention” – out of view of any teacher and next to a bathroom used by first-graders, the lawsuit said. That is a key point in the plaintiffs’ case.”

I myself witnessed almost equivalent behaviour when I was in a public school quite a few years ago. I learned to despise authorities. I learned their law ain’t often something I can respect, as seems to be the case in the US too, as teachers probably won’t be held responsible in that case either. A good lesson in a way, but you wouldn’t have to learn it in a better world.

But at least this time there is some hope that the public outrage will make them change the laws at least a bit and do something so theywon’t let that kind of a thing happen again.

Anyway, if I ever have children myself, I will definitely consider home-schooling. The zoo wouldn’t be the right place for my kids.

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