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Every once in a while when you read something like this Revilo Oliver’s piece on the Christ Myth your head almost magically screws itself straight once again. Yeah, like Dr. Oliver, I do think that Christianity is a fraud. Now I don’t claim to know with any certainty if there really ever was a person like that described in the New Testament or whether he was a Jew or not. But the main thing is that a religion based on combining the Old Testament and the New Testament doesn’t make any sense to me (and shouldn’t make sense to any thinking man in my opinion) and I do take the possibility that it was indeed the Jews who wrote the New Testament, just as it was them who wrote the Old Testament, and that they wrote it in order to screw the minds of gentiles all over the place very seriously. And that if you can interpret for example the Book of Revelation somewhat reasonably in a way that seems to describe current events way too accurately for it to be due to mere chance, I think the reason is that the Elders of Zion (or whatever one should call the hidden rulers of World Jewry) are for some reason trying to make it appear that they are coming true.

Now, I’m the type of a person who is always a bit surprised when I learn that someone who I find to be highly talented and apparently very intelligent is also a Christian. It is of course nice to have at least some decent Christians but honestly when I consider for example those religious Jesus loving Americans, who according to recent studies happily condone torture in great numbers and even support Zionism no matter how outrageously it should go against their faith, I can’t help but concluding that yes the bulk of Christians are indeed some of the worst dupes on the planet.

Also as I happened to read the former BNP head John Tyndall’s expose of Nick Griffin who is the current leader of the party and also taking into consideration the party’s recent softening on critical issues like the Jewish Question and its apparent current practice of portraying Jews as poor victims, I have concluded that it is unlikely an answer to any real problems facing Britain. The whole thing seems to be on its way to becoming just as much a tool for the Jews as every other major party in the country and Nick Griffin cannot be trusted just like Tyndall claimed before dying.

Still, to his credit I remember reading some stuff from Griffin that indicate he is at least aware that there is a legitimate Jewish Question, which is at least a better situation to be in than the one in Finland where the only real party critical of mass third world immigration into Finland, ‘True Finns’, is lead by Israel loving Catholic populist turncoat. I’d say a more accurate name for the party would be True Suckers as its other main candidates are also NATO lovers. Yeah, NATO might be a good organization to be part of IF it wasn’t lead by the same people who deceived the world with 9/11 and stage false flag terror and run hidden torture prisons all over the place. But it is lead by such people.

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