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I think I can quite safely declare myself a swine flu survivor now (albeit with the disclaimer I don’t really have any hard evidence it really was the swine flu and not some ordinary flu strain). The Jews have to do a little better next time if they want to keep me silent for good.

Still, as I haven’t been all well either, I have spent quite a little time reading books like Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion and Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope to broaden my historical perspective on the things that have been going on behind the veil and the disinformation campaign waged by mainstream sources which keep the public deluded. I’m not quite sure what to make of them yet as Reed’s book for example gives a little different take on various things than some other sources I’ve read so far and I’m not sure if I should trust Reed more than some of those other sources.

I have also concluded I need to employ a little more systematical approach if I’m to get to the bottom of who of the more visible people in the jew-wise resistance movement are honest and who are actually agents working for the enemy in one way or another. It’s pretty easy to notice that some people like Alex Jones and many of his (Jewish) associates are not fully honest and may well be insiders of the Jewish crime network as they usually shift the blame away from the Jewry but I think things get somewhat more complicated with people like Eric Hufschmid, Michael Collins Piper, Daryl Bradford Smith, David Duke, Curt Maynard, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Poseidon (of, Prothink and Alex Linder. So far I have noted that every one of them has at one time or another done at least something which may suggest they may not be totally honest and may be trying to distract their followers but I haven’t come to any definitive conclusions yet albeit I certainly distrust Republic Broadcasting Network’s honesty for example (because of stuff like the Morgellons disease fearmongering performed by few people) even though several of its hosts are quite outspoken in opposition to Jewish atrocities.

I think I’ll add a low priority project of collecting their more suspicious claims to my task list which may eventually help me make the right conclusions.

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