The good revenge – some dare call it justice

If a man breaks my arm and I then break his arm should I be punished for my correctional an-arm-for-an-arm strategy?
Some people definitely seem to thinkso,as they say I should never take the justice in my own hands and leave it instead to the legal system, but I have to say at least in some situations, where there’s hardly any better realistic alternative (such as receiving adequate compensation from him), an-arm-for-an-arm is simply the right way to do it. Though of course, that is a bit simplistic since my arm could very well be more useful to me than another man’s arm is to him. Unless I’d try to correct for that I could easily suffer more
than the other man who offended me first and thus he couldpossibly have gained an advantage by committing such a despicable act of violence (which is hardly acceptable in my opinion as it easily leads to more evil in the world). Just to get even I might well have to break both his arms or more. And I just as well might righteously enjoy a bit while braking them.

Why do I think these thoughts? I guess mainly because, I’m often so upset when I learn how justice is served in modern societies. It is not hard to acknowledge that sometimes to get justice you have to get it for yourself without the help of the legal system. If it doesn’t work and you are hardly in the position to fix the system, you have to bypass it. You have to become a living embodiment of the abstract concept of justice to force it upon the villains. A bit like Dexter in that one TV show. Though when you do that the responsibility of doing it the right way is yours and yours alone. Still, I support taking responsibility.

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