No mercy for the weak

I had been hoping that at least this year after been quite sickly due to several causes for many weeks I would avoid getting a flu-like disease as I’ve at least been in warm Turkey all the time but no such luck as some virus got me some days ago. The timing is in itself suspicious as I have almost never been sick like this at this time of the year (well, I remember one case) so it may even be the so-called mexican swine flu. Initially they reported finding one such case in one hospital not that far from my location but the Turkish officials soon denied it in a manner that seemed a little suspicious. I guess they could have done that just because they didn’t want to scare any tourists away from the country to worsen the already gloomy economic situation. In any case if I have the swine flu I can indeed report it doesn’t seem to be any worse than an ordinary flu — hell I’d dare say it’s almost totally indistinguishable from an ordinary flu! Still, as the experts seem to say that it is likely that if there will be a serious pandemic it will come only later like after next September supposedly after the virus has first mutated into a more virulent form while those in the know may think it more likely the actual reason is that the powers that be will then only introduce a worse engineered virus to simulate natural evolution to serve as part of their plan to take more of our liberties away in the name of protecting the sheeple.

I wonder if there are any immunological benefits of having caught and survived the less deadly version of the virus or is it actually the other way around? Any jewsiders out-there who want to enlighten me? Well, maybe I will have the energy to study that topic after I get better. Though I think I have to focus on getting more fresh air and excercise in the following weeks so I’ll probably avoid studying too much.

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